St Helena of the Holy Cross Parish

Christmas Mass Times 2020

Tuesday              15 December                     6pm                      Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Tuesday              15 December                     7pm                      Christmas Reconciliation

Wednesday        16 December                     7pm                      Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)             

Thursday             17 December                    7pm                      Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Friday                  18 December                    7pm                      Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Saturday              19 December                    6pm                      Vigil/Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Sunday                20 December                    8am                       Mass

Sunday                20 December                    9.30am                  Mass

Sunday                20 December                    5.45pm                  Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Monday               21 December                    7pm                      Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Tuesday               22 December                    7pm                      Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Wednesday         23 December                    7pm                      Novena Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Thursday              24 December                   6.30pm                 Family/Children Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Thursday              24 December                   11.59pm               Midnight Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Friday                   25 December                   8am                      Christmas Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Friday                   25 December                   9.30am                 Christmas Mass (Carols 30 minutes before)

Saturday              26 December                    6pm                     Vigil Mass

Sunday                 27 December                   9.30am                 Mass

Sunday                 27 December                   5.45pm                 Mass


St Helena of the Holy Cross Parish at a Glance

A Bit of Background

St Helena is a relatively young parish situated in the heart of Ellenbrook. It is nestled in the Swan Valley amongst the beautiful Vineyards as well as many popular tourist locations.

The parish is rich in diversity boasting many different cultures and nationalities. Within the parish itself there are many different groups which all are welcome to join that help run this truly special community.

Two wonderful catholic schools are located close by, St Helena Primary School and Holy Cross College.

All are welcome.


Mass Times

Please see the Parish priest after any mass to obtain a Baptism Information Form that must be completed and submitted to the Parish Office


Tues to Sat

8:30am Mass

Sat Vigil







2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the Month

Baptism preparation evenings: 1st and 3rd Thursday of each Month - 7:00pm


Saturday 5:15pm -5:45pm

Benediction & Divine Mercy Novena

First Friday following the 8:30am Mass.

Last Saturday of each month 8:30am Healing Mass

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