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The Acolyte has many roles. They assist the priest during the mass as well as with duties outside of the Liturgy celebrations itself. Acolytes act as Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist distributing communion both during the mass as well as taking communion to the sick.

Acolytes are also entrusted to conduct Communion Services in the event that a priest is not available.

Altar Servers

The role of the Altar Server is one of the oldest ministries of the Church. Traditionally a role only performed by boys, in 1983 this was adjusted to allow any member of the lay community to perform this role.

The Altar Servers at St Helena have many different duties which include but is not limited to: Candle Bearers, Cross Bearer, Bells, Thurible and Boat as well as assisting the Acolyte or priest with the preparation before mass and the cleaning up after mass

Guild of St Stephen

St Helena is the first parish in Western Australian to become a "Guild" parish in more than 10 years. The Guild of St Stephen (image to the right) is an International Organisation of Altar Servers founded in England in 1904 by Father Hamilton McDonald when he formed a Society of Altar Servers.

St Helena encourages it's Acolytes and Altar Servers by inviting them to join. Those who have served a minimum of two years at the altar will be invited through an investiture ceremony to become Guild Members. For more info visit

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