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Palm Sunday Mass Online a Success

There were a number of teething problems to begin with which made it tricky for some people to login.

The link that was sent proved to not work properly due to a change in the password to secure the online mass.

However once the correct password was circulated and people attempted to manually connect not following the link and instead opening the application manually and clicking join

Then manually entering the Meeting ID

and the new password most people were able to get in.

We had a total of 78 people join us this morning online for the Mass. Many people greeted each other and shared the sign of peace via the online chat which was beautiful.

Father Bona is now planning the way forward for the Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil celebrations. We learnt a few things today that will hopefully make it easier for the next masses.

Please keep an eye on the web site for updates.

Also a form will be going out shortly to get feedback from parishioners on their experience to see if we can make the results better.

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Excellent work Angelo. Job well done.... .

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